Help us stop coercion and silencing of victims.

by Empowering Victims
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Take action by distributing our apps to your employees, students, members, customers, or associates.

Our apps ensure that victims’ stories are recorded, preserved, and, on the victims’ terms, told. 

If everyone in a community, organization, or group has this app on their phone, no perp can be assured that silence can be coerced.  

When most of a community adopts the app, perpetrators know they cannot automatically impose silence or secrecy, ever again.

When victims use the app, perpetrators know the story will be told and the truth will be exposed.  

Like a vaccine, success depends on widespread adoption.

Help break the silence, empower victims, and prevent more trauma. 

Put the app into the hands of those you need to protect.  

Email our CEO at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or call 617-710-9565 

Together we can empower victims and prevent future victims.

Together we end the coerced silence.

Together we can get some large portion of this mess to stop.

We need your help.