Putting an End to Coerced Silence



Empowering Victims and Preventing Harm by Changing the Context

Putting an End to Silence

Empowering Victims mobile apps can help prevent sexual harassment and assault by removing the possibility that victims' stories will be silenced.  The power dynamic which allows perpetrators to coerce the silence of their victims ends when everyone in the community or organization has ready access to apps which allow victims' stories to be told, preserved, and then retold on the victims' own terms.  When a prospective perpetrator cannot rely on future silence -- behavior changes -- for the better.

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From Victims to Survivors

The I've-Been-ViolatedTM app empowers victims of sexual assault and domestic violence by safely and securely preserving their stories. Designed for the 85% of victims who do not report right away, IBV helps victims make the transition to survivor by ensuring their stories are heard when they are ready to seek the help they need.

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